Frequently asked questions

What is Kidz Mr.Box?

Kidz Mr Box is a unique concept designed to give the child an extensive exposure with various activties to identify what their intertes or passion is driven towards....The Mr box concept is expanding with various portfolio like Junior Kit, Fun Kit, Science Kit, Astor Kit, Senior Kit and more....

Can my child play independently or do i need to sit with them?

We would recommend parental assistance while the child explores Mr.Box, this will help in developing good parent-child relationship. From age group of 2-6 the parental guidance may require for few products from the Box.

Can we order trial version of Mr.Box?

No, Unfortunatley We do not have a Trial Option

How many products do i get in the box?

What's in the Box!!!? 2 qty x Toys 4 qty x learning 4 qty x Puzzles 4 qty x Books 4 - 8 qty x Art & Craft Plus Apron + Goodies + Painting Materials + Crafts Materials All in one Box Designed for 2 Months. And to compliment it also come with Daily Calendar designed for 2 Months.

Will the box be delivered?

Yes, We deliver All Across Bengaluru

Hoe Many Boxes Do i get ?

You will 2 Boxes. Designed on Monthly Basis.